*yawn* Morning, kiddos….

*yawn* Morning, kiddos. Gods, didn't want to get up today. Don't know why...went to bed at a reasonable hour. Reasonablish, anyway.

Went to a pool party at Akien and Dawn's last night -- high point of the evening was meeting Debbie Notkin, who I've been vaguely aware of in many aspects for a while, I suspect, but couldn't quite pin down. Very cool. Funny how my separate circles are overlapping more and more; last I saw her was apparently at a Clarion party (though I was in such a daze at Clarion that I honestly don't remember)... Also neat was meeting Paul's friend Jennie, from U Michigan (and now Canada). She has a sweetie in the Bay, which explains what she was doing at this party. Hmm...meeting Paul's friend on Paul's birthday -- coincidence? I think so, but wouldn't it be neat if it weren't?

Okay, I'm feeling a mite silly. Perhaps it's because I still have a bunch of prep to do before the poly brunch, and only three hours to do it in (okay, so three hours is plenty o' time, but I'm allowed to fret about it, yes?). I should probably just go do it. Talk to y'all later...

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