Well, I did indeed…

Well, I did indeed survive my first day back in the corporate world. I'm temping for Chiron, a biotech firm that I'm told primarily does AIDS and cancer research, so that's good. They've won gobs of awards, so I think they're actually accomplishing stuff too. I'd tell you more about work, but they made me sign confidentiality agreements, and even though nothing I think I could tell you could possibly be of any interest to Chiron *or* its competitors, probably best I shut up about it anyway.

It *is* tiring sitting at a desk from 8:30 - 5:30. I'm already looking forward to finding ways to work at home. Good motivation. :-)

Not much else to report -- Clarion X meeting last night immediately after work (which went well, but took me through to bedtime). Kind Lydia is giving me a ride to work this morning (saving me an hour and a half commute by public transit), so I slept in a little longer (still tired, though). Jed's coming by for dinner tonight, which'll be nice. That's about it for now, though I did want to share with you the one thing I managed to write at work yesterday (note: this is *not* directed at Chiron in particular :-):

My Corporation is a Jealous Lover

It wants me with it every moment,
        takes as much time as I will give it;
        and mopes when I am missing.

If I linger over lunch,
        sipping steaming soup, slowly...

Carol, office manager, corporation incarnate,
        will speak sternly.

        Carol cajoles:
                Can't I understand how much the corporation cares?
                Do I deliberately cause distress?

        Carol attempts coercion:
                My behavior is cause for conern.
                If I am not more careful, the coproation
                        will be forced to *let me go*.

Cowardly corporation!

Say the words, admit that it is *you* leaving *me*,
        rather than the other way around.

My corporation is a jealous lover.

Would it not be better to loosen the ties, my darling?

Would you really be so hurt, if I were to come see you at eleven,
        instead of nine?
        I would stay longer, lingering with you.

Even *if* I left early, while with you,
        my thoughts would be entirely of you,
        concentrated, focused on your desires, your needs...
        the short moments are the sweetest.

And what if I *were* to think of another, would that be so wrong?
        If I wondered what it would be like
                to spend a few hours in the hallways of another corporation --
                        if I even acted on my desires, at night perhaps,
                        in the cool dusk, under the moonlight.
        A brief foray into another's documents, articles, spreadsheets...
                would only leave me refreshed, eager to return to you;
                you would look all the better for the contrast.

But no -- you will not trust my judgement,
        demand all of my attention, adoration --
        oh, my dear...how can I tell you this?
                You will never fulfill *all* of my desires.

My corporation is a jealous lover,
        and I fear I cannot stay with it for long...

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