So, the computer…

So, the computer situation is bugging me. Let me try to explain, and maybe some bright person out there can help me out.

This web page is really too big for the kind people at to handle. They're donating the space, and the bandwith, especially on the stories, gets pretty high. So I store the stories elsewhere. They *were* at Mills.

I moved them temporarily to the iam server, but promise the nice people that I'd get 'em off again as soon as the new account was up. No problems so far.

Now, I tried to move them to the new account, to lanminds. And they moved over fine, but when I went to change the pointer on the home page, it wouldn't change. Or at least, the file edited just fine, it looks okay when I look at it, but no matter how many times I refresh my copy of Netscape, it insists that the home page still points to the stories at iam. Argh. That's problem one -- and I didn't know what other people were seeing. At least two people have written in saying that stories seem to have disappeared, so I assume that one problem lies somewhere with my Netscape or something. Very very strange.

Problem two (with actual disappearing stories) is a problem at lanminds. The stories are in the right account, but when I enter that address, I get File Not Found. I've e-mailed tech support about this, so once they wake up, perhaps they'll be able to help me on this one.

Very very frustrating.

On the plus side, we've started getting contributors for the new mag, which is very exciting. I really hope this project takes off; we have some great people working on it, and it could be really neat.

11:30 -- Well, with a combination of help from Shmuel (gentle reader :-) and tech support at lanminds, the major problem is fixed -- the stories should now be accessible to y'all. If you feel like bouncing through the pages and making sure the links work, I'd appreciate it. I spot-checked, but I may have missed something. My Netscape is still insisting the link points to iam, but I'm just not going to worry too much about it. Weird. It refreshes the journal page just fine.

Midnight -- mmm...tired. Crashing soon, just winding down from Irish dancing. Hoping to get up early tomorrow and work. Starting to feel antsy about this not-working thing. Not so much money worries (yet), as just being used to being busy something like 12-18 hours a day and now having no more than 1-2 hours of stuff that actually *needs* to get done. Of course, the pile of unfinished/unrevised stories is no smaller. Maybe I should set myself tasks. Every day I'm unemployed, I should pledge to finish one story, revise another, mail out a third, and learn some more C. *That* would be productive. Pipe dreams, I'm afraid, since I haven't even been sticking to my exercise schedule (though I *have* been taking my Synthroid regularly, thanks to the little chart David made me. Maybe I should ask him to make me an exercise/revision/marketing/C chart too. :-)

Lots of e-mail to return tomorrow, at any rate, and some phone calls to make; too fuzzy to do it now. Hope y'all had a good day...

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