Huh. I missed…

Huh. I missed yesterday. That's odd -- I didn't intend to. What the heck did I do yesterday??

Got up late, right...then puttered about, maybe? Something like that. Started reading Tepper's latest, The Family Tree, which I'm enjoying immensely. Sat in the sun for a while. Went shopping with Ian and El (grocery shopping). Made dinner for them and Jed - Thai (spring rolls and green curry chicken and steamed red fish; pretty yum, though the fish dish was a little dull. Why *are* spring rolls called that, anyway?)

Today mostly stayed in bed lounging until late. Very lazy weekend. Did choose some poems to read at the slam, which went reasonably well; I didn't make it into the finals, but that's okay, since a) I wasn't sure I wanted to go to Austin for the nationals anyway (considering my first poetry slam was last week, I'm more than a little intimidated even in the gentle S.F. crowd) and b) the people who beat me were really good. :-) That's always a consolation. I did learn that I have to be more careful about judging the mood of an audience; mushy love poems ("Chorus") don't go over particularly well unless the audience is really in the mood for it. :-) I'd have probably been better off with "Confession" -- I waffled for a while over them, but I just like "Chorus" better. Oh well.

Had a great time afterwards; we went to Axum for dinner (I'd already eaten beforehand, so I just had a glass of tej and picked at the food a little) (and if Sherman or Jed is reading, I just want to note that they chose that restaurant all on their ownsome -- I didn't nudge them at all!) and great conversation. A really fun bunch of people, and nice! A little bit younger than my current crowd (a lot of recent college graduates), but no less fun for that. :-) Let's see -- can I remember their names? Charles and Alex (female) and Daphne and Bart and Eitan and Eric and Karryn and Josh (who oddly enough, just graduated from U Chicago!)...hmm...I think there are one or two more, but I'm stuck. Oh, Michelle was there too. Now, you savvy journal readers, you can watch for those names, and if you see them again, you'll know that I haven't given up poetry completely. Of course, I'll probably just tell you...

Oof. Tired, but still hyped up. It is so past my bedtime. A cup of tea, a little reading, and then I will crash like a big crashing thing. (That's a Sherman (tm) metaphor. :-)

Sleep well, munchkins. Tomorrow is a new month.

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