Well. Today was odd;…

Well. Today was odd; I'm still feeling a bit incoherent, despite the half-drunk mug of tea in front of me, but perhaps I'll cohere as I speak.

Spent most of the day with my mother and sister, supposedly sightseeing. This was surprisingly difficult in a way I hadn't anticipated. To be honest, my mother's and my relationship for many years was pretty antagonistic (I don't think I'm revealing any secrets here, though no doubt she'll tell me if I am), and now that we're trying harder to get along, we're finding that we just don't have that much to say to each other. Really different worlds. And Sharmi has a bad cold and isn't feeling talkative, so most of today was pretty silent. We did enjoy lunch at a Japanese restaurant near Union Square, and a matinee of Phantom of the Opera, which they hadn't seen before (I had, but this Christine was really stunning; the first time I've actually gotten chills from hearing someone really hammer a high note home). When we tried to figure out what to do with the rest of the day, it became clear that what Sharmi and I regarded as a really good time (wandering around Fisherman's Wharf, looking at the water) was not my mom's thing. She did it, but she didn't enjoy it. I'm not sure what sort of tourist stuff *is* her thing, to be honest. We'll try touring Alcatraz tomorrow; maybe more structure will help. (Note: she's not complaining or anything; she's just not having fun.)

Then I came home (they went back to my aunt's), and I sat down to try and wade through some e-mail (got through about half the backlog. Still going). Found some stuff on starting an erotica on-line magazine. Starting to think about trying it again. Kev and I talked about this some at one point; his ideas were more commercial, along the lines of 'everyone else is making piles of money doing this, why not you?' and mine were more along the lines of 'I haven't yet seen the sort of erotica website I'd like to read regularly; maybe I should start one'. There's still the finance issue with that, though, especially if I want to do it properly, with its own domain and everything (which costs). Well, I'll think about it some more, and when my ideas are in more coherent form, maybe I'll ask you guys some questions about what you think it should contain.

Also got some mail from a friend that shook me up some; nothing terrible, just emotional. I'm feeling somewhat off-kilter, and not sure what to do with the rest of evening. I like doing net stuff, but it's often not terribly grounding -- what I have to show for it is often in terms of absences (not as many things hanging over my head, not as huge a stack of unanswered e-mail, not as many dead links) that visible accomplishments. I could read a book instead, or try to do some writing. Eh. I'll think about it some more, I guess.

I can hear Star Trek coming on in the living room (Ian's watching). I haven't watched tv in months. That's another option, I suppose. It *is* Star Trek, after all...

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