Took a look at the hit…

Took a look at the hit counter on my home page today, which I do rarely; we're about to hit 1.5 mil! :-) Very exciting... Someday soon, I hope to rival McDonald's... - 10 million served :-)

In other news, people are telling me I look much better today. Classmates/teachers/etc. I guess that means that I was looking really bad last week, which wouldn't surprise me; things were pretty tense for a while. Starting to calm down, finally. I suppose they'll get tense again in a week or two, when the job hunt starts getting difficult, but I'm *not* going to worry about it in advance. Just not, darn it.

Put up my resume at and sent it out through Monster Board. Got a bunch of calls from recruiters wanting me on their lists, which is fine. Also got one potential offer from Sacramento -- too far a commute, esp without car. I may have to actually get my license and buy a car sometime soon...

In any case, if you know of tech writing jobs in either the Bay Area or Salt Lake City, let me know, please.

Hmm...not much else to report, really. My bills are paid, my seating tickets are collected, my regalia is purchased (brown and gold for M.F.A. - not great, but could be worse) -- I think I'm actually prepared to graduate, huzzah.

I'm going to go read and crit a couple stories; meeting David for lunch, then a class, then meeting mom and sis for to y'all later!

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