Okay, brace yourselves,…

Okay, brace yourselves, my dears. As a result of some conversations with Heather, and memory of gentle prodding from Paul, I've reorganized this journal. Or at least it will be reorganized from this point on (not sure I have the energy to go back and rearrange the many months of earlier entries). For your convenience, the latest entry will now be at *both*: http://www.mamohanraj.com/Diary/current.html (which is where your browsers are probably bookmarked to) *and* in the listing for that month, which will be in chronological order from now on (rather than reverse chronological). This should be much easier for people who are new to the journal to read, while maintaining the convenience of those who want a daily fix to keep their browser pointed to the same place. If you hate the change, tell me quick, before inertia takes over and this becomes locked in stone...

I wonder if pico has a command that takes me to end of file. That would save time in editing the new versions.

Gosh, I really ought to get to work, now. If you *must* know what I did in the last week, stop by Heather's journal; she was around for most of it. :-)

Talk to you soon!

5:15 - Finished revising "Amanda Means Love"! Huzzah! (After only three hours of procrastination, I finally sat down to work). Will now hand it in to Julie for Fiction class along with self-assessment I am about to write, and will also send out to _Asimov's_, where it will probably weird out Gardner. Cliff claims he'll like it, but won't buy it. We'll see.

Also fed me and Heather, and since she seemed to like it, I offer the recipe below (I'm learning a lot about feeding vegetarians):

Apple-Onion Crepes

1-2 red onions
4 apples
2-4 T. butter
2 T. sugar

1. Chop onions and apples finely.
2. Saute onions in butter until soft; add apples, generous sprinkle cinnamon and sugar, and saute 5 minutes. Set aside.
3. Make crepes as directed in Fannie Farmer (or earlier journal entry -- I really must make a separate recipes page)
4. Put a couple spoons of apple mixture in crepe, grate a little cheddar over, and roll and serve. Yum. Best eaten hot.

10:30. Well, "Leek Soup" came back from Sword and Sorceress. A nice form rejection; not quite the right 'feel' to it. I revised another story I'd been considering sending her, "A Different Kind of Rescue", a light, fluffy fantasy piece. Fun, 1500 words. Will send it out tomorrow, and perhaps she'll like it.

And then I read some excerpts from Carole Maso's The Art Lover for tomorrow's class. And I was blown away, even more so than I was by her novel, Ghost Dance. And when I put the xeroxes down I thought, "this is the sort of thing I should be writing, not fluffy fantasy stories". And I was really depressed for a few minutes. Her work had gotten me all emotionally entangled and wrenched my heart and to think of what I'd just finished revising seemed so petty -- such a letdown.

But then I thought about how stressful this semester has been, and how often I've turned to children's books, or light fantasy for relief. I don't think escapism is a bad thing; I think it can be a joy, a time and space for breath when the world is too much with us...

So I'll send off my light little fantasy story, and remember that it made Heather laugh when she read it, and if it gets published, maybe it'll bring smiles to lots of faces. And that's a good thing, in and of itself.

Not that lets me off the hook on writing the hard stuff, though. :-) Just not tonight, I think.

Back to the homework, my dears. Sleep well...

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