I’m feeling…

I'm feeling better.

Partly that's because I just got home from dancing, and the adrenalin is still coursing through my system. I should go to bed before I start feeling exhausted and ill.

The other part is just 'cause I appear to be climbing out of the funk I've been in for the past few weeks. Which is a relief, let me tell you! I handed revised copies of my thesis to my readers and the librarian today -- hopefully they'll soon tell me that they're happy to sign off on it. The signed version is due Friday. After that I just need to finish and revise a paper, and write another one (for major school commitments. There are lots of minor ones :-).

In other news, Heather lost her job. Meep! Hopefully her web pages won't go down. If you know a company looking for a way smart chick who can write and is interested in picking up more technical skills, drop me a note. (Oh, I mean a company in the Bay Area. No stealing her away...)

Hmm...I feel like I ought to write more (probably because I've been neglecting y'all for so long), but I can't think what to say. Maybe I'd best just go to sleep.

Hope your week has started well...talk to you soon.

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