Added a recording of me…

Added a recording of me singing a few verses of "If I Could" to the 1997 poems, removed "And If" from 1998 (will try re-recording, since it doesn't seem to ftp properly as is), added "Evensong" from 1995, confirmed that "Even Arthur" from 1994 appears to be complete, if file size is anything to go by.

*sigh* Tested a few on Ian's computer. While "Do You Know" from 1997 appears to be fine, "If I Could" totally bombed. Guess you don't get to hear me sing yet. I'm sure you're relieved. :-) Got to go do some real work, but I'll try to get back to these later.

Plan for today; hit World Ground cafe for an hour or so; come back and help a student with a paper; do more work in the evening; call Kevin. Nothing too exciting. :-) Hope y'all are having a pleasant weekend.

Oh, almost forgot to recommend to you a site that Jim sent me:

Zen Stories -- I think I'm going to bookmark it and keep dipping back into it when necessary. My favorite so far is "Empty Your Cup".

11:30 p.m. I've gotten very off my normal schedule -- I find it a little hard to believe that I'm still writing this late at night. Just finished revising "Leek Soup" for MZB's Sword and Sorcery series -- wish me luck! She has a very fast turnaround time, so if I mail it off tomorrow, I should hear back soon.

I'm still awake, so I'm going to try to do some revisions on "Deep with Sea" as well (which my teacher has talked me into including in my thesis). I think I'll be sending it off to Realms of Fantasy next. And in between, I've written a poem. Have a good week, everyone. Enjoy the budding spring. Our roses are going crazy, the chives have doubled in size, the red poppies are lovely, and the alyssum has started to sprout. The garden is full of ladybugs (on Jennifer's advice, to eat pests that were munching my basil. Thanks again, Jennifer!)


And You

I am finding it hard
writing poetry
these days.

Often I take small refuge
in formalism,
in pattern.

When I think of you,
of us,
I'm dizzy.

I am puzzles and confusion,
and you
are poetry.

There are so many choices
and so
few words.


1:05 a.m. and I have revised and printed "Deep with Sea". I actually made fairly minor changes, as while some of the suggested changes would probably make the story more gripping (such as more dialogue/scenes at the beginning, which I know is rather slow), I think they would interfere with the style. Or maybe that's just me being too protective of my words. Whichever -- out it goes tomorrow into the world and the tender hands of Shawna McCarthy at Realms of Fantasy. Think good thoughts about my baby...

I really ought to go to sleep now.

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