“Hope is the power of…

"Hope is the power of being cheerful in circumstances that we know to be desperate." - Chesterton

Okay, the circumstances aren't really even close to desperate. But I *am* hopeful that I will soon crawl out from under this teetering pile of writing (MFA thesis, idea for new book that would make a great movie) and sewing (I made my first real dress!) and reading (freshman English papers and 18th century American writing, oof!) and other stuff (finishing sending out rejection letters, waiting anxiously to hear back from Masquerade on whether they liked the anthology, spending time with Karina before she leaves, practicing for a music thingie I'm performing at, etc. and so on...) and actually talk to you guys.

Consider this as an arm sticking out from the pile to wave hello...

Despite everything, I'm having a good time. Not to worry. :-)

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