Okay, this story is too…

Okay, this story is too funny, even if probably not true:

There was a guy in Florida, Cuban by nationality, who had been unable to get US citizenship and was due to be deported. A couple of MIT students, who had heard about this guy and were after a lark, hopped a plane down to Florida and took this guy to a tattoo studio.

What they tattooed on to him was the DES algorithm, in some computer readable form. Thus rendering the guy unexportable. The US government offered to scrape the tattoos off, but they guy's lawyers screamed something about human rights abuses. The way I heard it, the guy was eventually granted citizenship.

In other news, I got e-mail from a 9th grader who wants to do a high school poetry report on me. *grin* This is even better than the student from Thailand who read one of my poems out loud to her class as her favorite poem. I wonder what it is about my poetry that makes it appeal to high school students. Mushiness, probably... Whatever the reason, I'm grateful. Made my day.

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