Well, Jeevan pointed out…

Well, Jeevan pointed out to me today that all of this month's journal entries up to now have said 1997 instead of 1998. I will duly go back and fix now, but what happened to my faithful proofreaders? Shmuel, David? I'm shocked... :-)

In other news, I have my first sailing class today (it's offered as phys ed here) -- exciting. Lots of new things, lately; while I was in Chicago, Todd (mathematician friend) took me ice skating for the first time, down on the new rink they have on the Midway. I fell down twice in half an hour, which I'm told is not bad at all (though I admit, I was either clinging to the wall or Todd or Karina's hand for most of the time (and my knee was not pleased with me. neither was my ankle)). I had a great time...let's hope sailing goes as well.

I'm starting to feel like I'm back on track, like I'm actually going to get everything done, like I'm not flailing. We'll see. :-) The classes look really exciting this semester, with tons of good reading. I went a little book crazy yesterday; bought some textbooks, but then bought a bunch of other books. It wasn't really my fault, though -- I'm giving a presentation on Delany's autobiography for my creative non-fiction class, so I *had* to go to the sf bookstore, see? And once there, I was lost...

Remind me not to oversleep. I start having nightmares. Maybe it's just my body's way of telling me not to be lazy. It's strange, because actually in the last week I've had a lot of intensely happy dreams, sort of 'it'll all work out' dreams. Dreams about Kev, and my family... Weird.

Those of you on the list (I really ought to name the readers' list, and formalize it. Ideas for names?) should be getting some odd stuff this semester. Creative non-fiction appears to cover memoir, essay, letters, collage, etc...in other words, you'll probably be learning more about me than you want to know. Maybe I'll label the non-fiction pieces as such. I'm more than a bit nervous about them, to be honest. At least with fiction, no matter how much of you is in them, you can say -- 'Hey, it's just *fiction*'. No such screen to hide behind here.

I do believe in being brave. I believe it almost always pays off. But sometimes it gets tiring, and it's almost always scary.

Good thing I like you guys. :-)

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