So, the madness has…

So, the madness has begun. Last night I set my alarm for 5:30 a.m., and today I actually got up on time. (Over vacation, my wake-up time crept later and later, not so subtly influenced by Kevin, who I swear would sleep twenty hours a day if you let him). As I partied a little too hard last night (Heather and David came over last night, and somehow Heather and I decided to finish off several dying wine bottles left over from parties), I'm not feeling my best this morning. Still, David made me drink lots of water before I went to bed, and my tea is steeping, so I hope to be back to my normal stalwart self soon. Oof.

Then it's towork! I have a two page fiction piece due today -- it'll be the first new fiction writing I've done since mid-December, I think. Eep. Good thing I have school to get me off my butt. Will send it out to the reading list when it's done, so y'all can see what a very rough, very short draft looks like. Should be good for a few laughs, at least.

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