Let’s rate how I’m…

Let's rate how I'm feeling today. On a scale of -5 to +5, how do I feel about:

  • My homework (-3)
  • My writing (+1)
  • My city (+2)
  • My love life (-4)
  • My health (-1)
  • My family (-4)
  • My friends (+5)
  • My finances (-4)
  • My editors (+2)
Overall, a (-6). Which is all a complicated way of complaining that I'm having a rough week, I suppose. I'd complain in more detail, but that'd start crossing the line of discretion. Suffice it to say that I could use a hug or ten.

7:05. Well, feeling somewhat better. Would be hard not to, with all the nice e-mail I've been getting from y'all. You guys are wonderful, you know that? Really lifted my spirits for a little while...

I need to get back to work, but first I wanted to share this lovely tidbit that one of you sent me. There's hope in the home country after all...

...from the Columbus Dispatch newspaper

Colombo, Sri Lanka.

Women-only shows sold out for film on Indian sex manual.

Women packed a Sri Lankan theater after it barred men from certain shows of kama Sutra - a film based on the fourth centuary Indian sex manual.

"Since all of us were women, there was no embarrassment to watch some of the very sensual scenes," said one patron, Sujatha de Silva.

David Joseph, manager of the Savoy theater in Colombo, had to seek permission from the government to discriminate against men for one show a day last week.

Almost all of the Savoy's 948 seats were full for the women-only shows.

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