I must admit that the…

I must admit that the main reason I didn't write an entry yesterday was embarassment. I have not yet attempted the revision. I have blown off huge chunks of Saturday and Sunday with Scrabble, Warcraft, finishing a jigsaw puzzle with Sherman, and Star Trek novels (currently re-reading Diane Carey's _The Great Starship Race_). Argh. Truly dreading reading the crits waiting for me on this piece. Okay, no more procrastinating. C'mon, idjit. Get to work.

6:45 -- Good news! (No, I didn't do the revisions yet. I did read the crits, though. A step.) The good news is that two of my stories, "Just Reading News" and "A Jewel of a Woman" have been accepted for the Good Vibrations Sex Toy Anthology. :-) :-) :-) Even better, got my first royalty check for _Torn Shapes_! Not a huge amount of money, but still very very exciting. I want more! Tell your friends to buy my book! Tell your local bookstore they must order 50 copies! :-)

I shall now enjoy the temporary high and leave off my worries until tomorrow. (If any of you want to read Jewel, just let me know).

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