A few of you have…

A few of you have requested copies of "Temptation" -- thanks for looking at it. Much appreciated. I'd already posted it to alt.sex.stories, so even if it's not on my web page, DejaNews will be archiving it for eternity. In some sense, I'm already stuck.

In other exciting news, soc.sexuality.general passed! If nothing untoward happens, the newsgroup will be created in 3 days and available to you all. (If I haven't mentioned this before, s.s.g. is the new, moderated version of alt.sex, which drowned in spam. Yours truly is one of the five initial moderators, along with a robomoderator. We won't be moderating for content -- simply appropriateness. If a post is appropriate to discussions of sexuality, it goes through. If it's pure spam, an ad, overly cross-posted, a story (which belongs in alt.sex.stories.moderated), etc., then it doesn't. Should be interesting -- I've never been a newsgroup moderator before.)

I have, of course, moderated other forums. Workshops at conventions, my mailing list...ah, my mailing list. The erotica list had another minor hubbub recently, a list member using rather coarse language in conversation (as opposed to in a story), which some members objected to. It's hopefully settled now. (If you're curious, I came down pretty much on his side, and reminded others that they could delete his posts if they chose.)

I have not repeated my 5-ish feat. Perhaps when I have money again I will buy an alarm clock. Nonetheless, there's a lot of work I want to do today, though I will take it slow -- I hope this will be a mellow, working weekend.

What, you ask, does she need to do? Well, very top of the list is revise "Deep with Sea". Remember that one? Yes, I don't get to put it off any longer. I've practically forgotten what the story is about...

So off to work, my darlings. Have a lovely weekend!

9 a.m. - No revisions yet, but my room is clean! :-) A little more leftover paperwork to get through and then I really do have to start working. Before that, though, I wanted to let y'all know what I'd been reading lately.

Star Trek. Lots and lots of old classic Trek novels. I'm thinking of writing a short story for a contest they're having -- that's my excuse, but in truth, it's pure indulgence reading these again. Here's a list of my favorite classic Trek novels -- these are the ones I recommend highly if you're going to read Star Trek. Many of the authors of these also write excellent non-Trek novels

  • The Prometheus Design - Ethical dilemmas -- is the glory inseparable from the violence? Hell's kitchen. Can Kirk truly give up command?
  • Black Fire - Spock the pirate! With an earring and everything. Reciting poetry, no less.
  • Triangle - Star Trek meets poly. Well done.
  • Yesterday's Son - Remember Zarabeth? What if she got pregnant?
  • The Wounded Sky - A proto-deity, done right. A glass spider scientist -- and Scotty??
  • The Final Reflection - Klingons. Sexy Klingons. Strong contender for favorite.
  • My Enemy, My Ally - Remember the Romulan commander? She had an aunt...
  • The Tears of the Singers - Uhura falls in love with a very difficult man
  • The Vulcan Academy Murders - Amanda is dying, and a series of murders occurs on Vulcan
  • Uhura's Song - probably my favorite. Tail-Kinker-to-Ennien is an unforgettable character. Deadly plague. I've read this at least 20 times.
  • Ishmael - Okay, this one you'll only really appreciate if you've seen the tv show, "Here Comes the Brides". Spock in flannel, playing poker.
  • Dwellers in the Crucible - Another intense Human/Vulcan relationship
  • Pawns and Symbols - human pawn (or is she?) in Klingon space
  • The Romulan Way - undercover Federation agent -- McCoy goes to find out if she's 'gone native'
  • How Much for Just the Planet? - If you like Gilbert and Sullivan, you *must* read this. Funny funny funny. Helps to like old movies.
  • Time for Yesterday - Another story with Spock's son
  • Doctor's Orders - Our favorite doctor in command
  • Strangers from the Sky - The REAL story of Earth's first contact with Vulcans
  • Spock's World - Will Vulcan vote to leave the Federation?
  • Q-in-Law (Next Gen) - Okay, it's next gen, but it's so funny that I had to include it. Q and Lwaxana Troi...not to mention the girl that was given to young Wesley
Yes, now I'm revealed as a true Trekkie. And if you think this is scary, you should see the other 20-30 Star Trek books I own, many much worse than these. And I read them. Voraciously for a while. Good thing my money ran out.

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