Well, overslept again…

Well, overslept again today. I did wake up at 5:30, but was so tired, that I went back to sleep and didn't get up until 7:00. I *am* going to get back on my Clarion schedule, but perhaps my body needed the extra sleep.

Am doing somewhat better today. Woke up and hit the grocery store, made muffins, started unpacking. Have a lot of financial school stuff to get through and hopefully fix today. Things that should have been mailed out while I was at Clarion. Oops.

Nice music on, a beautiful day, Cliff and Naomi both here to keep me company (Cliff was at Clarion East this summer, which has given us a lot to talk about as we compare notes (they didn't have a kitchen! poor babies...). I'm generally feeling much better, though still struck with occasional bouts of pure misery missing people. Alex, if you're reading this, write me, dammit. I don't have accurate contact info for you.

5:25 - Quiet day. It's too damn hot here (okay, it's probably under 80, but it's still too damn hot). I think tomorrow I'll get up early and go somewhere air-conditioned to work. I've spent most of today napping (still tired!), reading with pleasure Pat Murphy's collection Points of Departure, and futzing around on the web page fixing bits and streamlining. Finally got around to adding credits to that lovely painting on my home page. Fixed some broken links (thanks, Shmuel!). Dealt with old e-mail.

I have piles of stories to revise, but I'm giving myself a week of recovery time before I start feeling guilty about those. I do have to finish the erotic mystery for Puritan by August 11 (actually, the 10th, so it can be in Jeff's hot little hands by the 11th). Also should write some stuff for Sizzle, as my bills are starting to look worrisome. Kev's loaning me money to tide me over until various checks arrive, but I *hate* borrowing money from people, and want to pay him back ASAP.

Listening to lots of CD's I've missed while gone, esp. Flash Girls. I think I told you guys about that one, right? Emma Bull's group? Also various Celtic music things. I must have been a Celt in a previous life. There is no other explanation for my obsession with these people

I have been difficult and moody and silent to my friends. Sherman has been very patient, but I think he is worried. Cliff, luckily, understands. I talked to Kevin for an hour and a half last night, which did a lot towards making me feel me sane. Helped remind me of all the good things in this part of my life. Still feel a bit battered though (there was a time when Bob was trying to come up with a metaphor for a type of teleportation where there was a moment of 'tearing'...I offered the idea of a huge band-aid all over your body, suddenly being ripped away. He didn't use it in the story (smart Bob), but it does rather describe how I feel these days).

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