Spent some hours…

Spent some hours annotating the Clarion sections of my journal and collecting them here. You may enjoy the annotations.

Woke up a little late (6:30), but did get up and work. I'd really like to maintain my Clarion schedule -- we'll see how well it fits into my everyday life. Time for breakfast and then perhaps a hike through the woods. We'll see...it's a bit gloomy today. Reflects my mood.

3:45 - Well, a nice day so far. Breakfast with Cliff, Sherman, Ian. Nice to be home with my boys again. I was rather mopey still, but they tried diligently to cheer me up. Then grocery shopping and home again. Started lunch. Decided to stop and go have a driving lesson with Sherman. (I'm learning stick!) We stopped at his parents' house (near parking lot where we were to drive), and they pressed much old stuff of his on him. A friend of the family has moved into his old room. He doesn't seem too traumatized. :-)

In the driving lesson, I drove for over an hour, shifted successfully into 1st, 2nd and 3rd gears, stalled the car only infuriatingly often (as opposed to impossibly often), realized that the impulse to drive too fast when frustrated and tired and irritated is almost irresistable, and managed not to kill either Sherman or myself. Terror is a good antidote to depression. Felt moderately proud of myself when finished.

Home again for a late lunch, and now we're waffling over what to do next. I fear the trip to the woods will have to be placed second to cleaning the sadly neglected house. Ian tried, I'm sure...and it's not TOO awful. But Naomi arrives for a week's visit tonight, and I'd like the place to look its best. Sherman is not entirely in favor of this plan, but I think I will win. :-)

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