Remember, tomorrow is…

Remember, tomorrow is tax day! Just a little public service announcement...time to file those extensions. :-)

Life is going pretty well over here. Didn't get much done over the weekend, but had a fair bit of fun socializing. Roshani arrived last night, and we spent the morning working (I told you she's studying for her MCAT, right?). I finished revisions on Deep in the Valley, and sent that out to Herotica 6 and Circlet Press, also sent a copy of Just Reading News to the Good Vibrations Sex Toy anthology. Cross your fingers for me....

Ongoing projects -- I need to read Toni Morrison's Song of Solomon today, and should also revise Season of Marriage for Herotica 6 if I get a chance. I think Roshani and I will probably be going up to Berkeley (hit a coffeeshop, work a little) this evening, and then will be dancing at the Starry Plow tonight. If you're in the area, feel free to stop by and say hi. :-)

Not much else to report -- it's a beautiful day, as always, and life is generally good.

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