Hey, guys? Thanks. So…

Hey, guys? Thanks. So many of you wrote, telling me you disagreed with those critics in my class, and giving me all sorts of reasons, in case I didn't believe you...:-) Really, I appreciate it.

I've thought about the poem some, and decided that it really can't be reasonably read as racist or sexist out of context of Will Alexander -- and it wasn't meant to be addressed to him. So I'm not going to worry about those aspects. It probably could be sharpened some, to get my message across more clearly -- we'll see what happens when I revise at the end of the semester.

In the rest of my life, things are going very well. I just finished an e-mail inteview with Escape Magazine this morning (no, I have no idea who they are, but they asked to interview me -- should I say no? :-). I revised Just Reading News for an anthology submission, and did some more work on Deep in the Valley. Still would like to get Season of Marriage revised today -- we'll see. It's a little odd doing revisions of work that's been out there so long -- I'm not sure how other writers handle this. I haven't seen stories marked version 1.1, 1.2, etc. :-) Guess I'll just leave the old version up on the web pages -- it's in archives that way anyway, and send out the new one. Perhaps it'll cause some confusion, but I can't think of a better way to handle it.

Roshani's coming to visit! Hooray, hoorah -- she'll be here Sunday through Thursday, which will be very nice indeed. She's in the midst of studying for the MCAT's, so hopefully we can prod each other to get a lot of work done.

Tonight's dinner at a friend's house, and tomorrow night's a friend's birthday party, so busy weekend. I'm hoping to do some gardening this weekend -- well, hoe out all the weeds in the vegetable garden (it's actually more like a thick carpet of grass at this point, argh), and get it into shape to do a little planting. I'm going to attempt tomatoes, red peppers, chili peppers, and basil, to start. We'll see. :-) Any recommendations from gardener-types out there will be welcome - I bought a book and read it, but I've never done anything like this before.

I have a feeling there was something else I meant to tell you guys, but I can't remember what it is. Hate that. Guess I'll come back and add it if I think of it. If I don't talk to you again, have a good weekend (you've undoubtedly noticed at this point that the journal is even more erratic than usual on the weekends :-).

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