Well, the exciting…

Well, the exciting discovery this weekend was that Sylvia Louise Engdahl has a home page. She's an absolutely excellent children's sf/f writer, and though her books are out of print, there's a drive to bring them back. So if you liked her work, please take a look at the page, and post your comments in the guest book. They're truly wonderful books (check your local library if you haven't read them), and they SHOULD be in print.

Mostly did a lot of socializing this weekend -- met a bunch of Sherman's friends on Saturday, and hung out with Thida and Doug and Amanda yesterday (Amanda's Taiwanese and took us to a really yummy Taiwanese restaurant). Didn't get any work done, but that's okay, as I was sorta taking the weekend off. Lots to do now, though...spent some time updating the web page and will probably be spending more. :-)

Talk to y'all later...oh, and Eric, thanks for the virtual flowers. They were lovely.

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