Hey, guys. Not much to…

Hey, guys. Not much to report. Finished the novella, "Interplanetary Janet Meets the Triple-Breasted Whores of Eroticon VI", if you can believe that (yah, it's not an entirely serious piece). Added "Metari Nights" to my stories page yesterday. Read Robert Silverberg's The Book of Skulls -- I admire his charcterization, and it was a chilling read. Also read the latest Stainless Steel Rat book -- not very impressive, I'm afraid. Liked earlier ones much better. Spent entirely too long on the phone with Kev last night --oof, our phone bills. Sherman and Chelsea coming to dinner tonight -- should be nice. Not sure what I'll be making. Will have to think about it.

Off to recorder class in a bit -- I haven't practiced nearly enough in the last few weeks -- I was being so good for January and February -- ah well. I think I'll be in okay shape for the concert in May -- we're just playing a couple of baby pieces, since we're both new to the instrument. Shouldn't disgrace ourselves too badly.

Okay, best run. Places to go, people to do....:-)

Finally got around to adding the audio files I recorded quite a while ago for some poems in '96. They take a *long* time to download. I started downloading the biggest one half an hour ago, from campus, which has a much higher speed line that I have at home, and it's still going. I may sit down and find out exactly how long it takes some day, but it's 1:30, and I'm hungry, so I'm going to go get some lunch. RealAudio is apparently much faster, but requires stuff on the server that I can't afford. Ah well.

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