Okay, I’ll get better, I…

Okay, I'll get better, I promise. Actually, I should momentarily be installing a little mailing list that you can get on if you want to be notified when I update this diary. Will let you know as soon as I finish setting it up.

Highlights of the weekend: Had a birthday party for Ian Friday night -- that's three parties in three weeks and I think we're all a little partied out. Was much fun, though, and got to meet many of his high school friends (of which Sherman is one, of course). My friend Adam arrived from out of town (he's moving to the area (anyone need a Mac/Unix debugger?)) and we dragged him to Gaskell's Winter Ball Saturday. Still exhausted from hours of polkas and waltzes and shaddisches (sp?) but great fun, especially the costuming (me in straight wine-colored formal gown, Sherman in white ruffled shirt, top hat, gloves, spats, etc., Ian in dress uniform, Elle in peach gown with hoop skirts, Cliff in white tuxedo, Kirsten in royal blue gown with acres of crinolines and Adam in formal kilt -- and we weren't even closed to being the dressiest people there :-).

Sunday was moderately relaxing with a potluck and chatting -- got to have dinner with Joani Blank, the woman who started Good Vibrations -- very interesting! Ate at the Blue Nile up in Berkeley -- good Ethiopian, but I still think the one on Haight is my favorite -- I'm just fond of it.

Today mostly took the day off; drove down to introduce Adam to Lydia and keep him company with some job thingies in the South Bay. While we were visiting Lydia, her kids' school called that Kaylie wasn't feeling well. Since Lydia was busy, Adam and I ended up picking the poor kid up -- she looked pretty wasted, but I think she'll be fine. Apparently they had a really busy weekend too, and she was just dead tired. Poor munchkin!

Lots of work to do before I leave Thursday night -- will update this as much as I can. On the plus side, Adam is helping me install PPP at home, which means I can run Netscape now from home, which means I can do more of my work from here -- hooray! Best go make dinner now -- just pasta tonight -- cooking dinner for nine on Saturday (oh, forgot to describe Chelsea in black velvet and Jeremy in suit) burned out my cooking urges for a bit. :-)

Take care, guys.

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