Hi, guys. Gosh, I…

Hi, guys. Gosh, I haven't written to you in a while, have I? Well, things have been pretty good on this end, just really really busy. Lots of school work this semester (unsurprising, since I'm taking one course more than I did last semester), and a bunch of writing assignments, and Karina's visiting again this week, and there was the party Friday (which went very well, thank you for asking), and so on and so forth, you know how it goes.

Just got out of my American Fiction class -- really enjoying this class. Great teacher -- very bright and knowledgeable, with an adorable British accent. He really loves this era and it's contagious. We're deep into Faulkner's The Sound and the Fury now, and while I'm still having to trudge along in bits, I am getting the hang of the book now (about halfway through, having read Benjy's and Quentin's sections), and it's becoming much more fun to read. I had a lot of trouble with Quentin's section at first -- it was early yesterday morning that I was trying to read it, and I kept falling asleep. Finally let myself sleep for a couple of hours and then had no trouble finishing it, so maybe I was just tired. :-) Anyway, looking forward to the rest of the discussions. I'm afraid I'm going to miss some of the discussion of Ellison while I'm in Chicago -- I'm happy to be going, of course, but it's rather a novel thing to be distressed about missing classes. :-) Grad school at its best, I suppose. Still, at least I can discuss it all with Kevin -- he's fond of both Faulkner and Ellison, so he should be helpful.

Hmmm...not much more to say -- lots of work, of course. Kind of sleepy, 'cause Karina and I had dinner at Thida's last night, and ended up staying up talking till 1:00 or so. Almost slept through class this morning! My alarm clock is packed away in a box somewhere 'cause it's big and bulky and ugly and I didn't think I really needed it, since I usually wake up at 7 a.m. anyway...still, I may have to dig it out, just for situations like this one.

Well, talk to you guys later -- have a good week!

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