*yawn* Good morning,…

*yawn* Good morning, everyone. Still feeling kinda groggy - I was a little sick yesterday and am still a bit out of it today. Better, though. Am generally in a pretty good mood (though Kitten is still missing :( ), mostly because I was quite productive last week and therefore don't have any deadlines this week. I'm actually caught up! :-) Not for very long, I'm sure, but at the moment I'm a) making satisfactory progress on my paper, b) on track with the novel, c) finished with a very good interview with the first dominatrix, Selene, for the article, d) and almost done with a little piece for Sizzle. Not to mention my house is fairly clean. :-)

Thida's party was great fun Saturday (her parents are delightful :-), and the only bummer was that we had to leave early to return the car so Steven could go to work....oh, it's complicated and dreary. Never mind. Sunday was basically a lazy day aside from the interview with Selene (who was intelligent as well as lovely, hooray!) -- we mostly cleaned and organized and watched some television (Sherman and Owen and I). Sherman and Owen are in the process of majorly rearranging their apartment -- fun to watch.

Also, I think I finally have a handle on the majordomo stuff for the erotica list -- with any luck, it's just about ready to kick into action. It should simplify my list management job enormously (though it's been a lot of extra work preparing for the switchover. :-)

Okay, off to work. Have a good week, everyone! (I'm going to Sherman's parents' place for Thanksgiving, along with about 10 other friends of Sherman's (they're very generous people :-), so there will probably be no interruption of your diary service over the holiday -- they live in the area).

Oh, this might amuse you. I did an author interview with Amazon books this morning -- if you click on this page, it'll take you to the M's, and I'm currently the last entry there. You probably know all the stuff in the interview, but you might want to take a look.

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