I cannot rave enough…

I cannot rave enough about Star Trek: First Contact. It was absolutely fabulous. You must go see it. I can see why a lot of reviews are calling it the best Star Trek movie ever (yes, even better than Wrath of Khan). I admit, there was one tiny moment when I felt one of the characters was out of character -- but a very minor flaw indeed. Even if you don't watch Star Trek, I think you could really like this movie -- and if you do already like Trek, you'll love it. Heck, even if you hate the movie, the trailers for the Star Wars trilogy are astonishing! :-)

Otherwise, not much to report. Saw it with Kevin's sister and a bunch of his friends, which was fun/odd. (Did I mention he's from the area?) I've met them all (well, most of them) before, but it's still a trifle disconcerting. Hard to say why -- maybe 'cause they knew Kev when he was five years old. :-) Anyway, nice people, and we had a thoroughly good time.

Slept badly, though -- woke up with nightmares a couple of times. Been doing that a lot lately -- some stress with my parents. Oh well. The other bad thing in my life right now is that my cat is missing. Been calling around for days, and nobody's seen her. Going down to the city pound today to see whether they have her. Hopefully she just got mad at me and went off to sulk somewhere -- maybe she found someone who feeds her better food. Kev's afraid she probably got hit by a car, though. :(

Going to Thida's birthday party today, (she's the SO of Cliff, my new roommate (Cliff is also a friend of mine and Sherman's from college)) which should be fun. In fact, going soon, so I'd probably head out. Hope you're having a good weekend, everyone.

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