Star Trek…

Star Trek Tonight!

I'm actually struggling to be in a good mood (odd for me in the mornings -- normally it comes naturally). I slept terribly last night (hard time falling asleep and then lots of nightmares afterwards) and woke up to pouring rain. Luckily, the rain has since stopped (I like rain lots, but not when I have to walk through it to school, especially since I can't remember if my flute case is waterproof), and I'm listening to good music, and there's some of Ellison's banana bread left, and I've already done about an hour's productive work (it's 8:30 a.m. now), so good mood is slowly rising. :-) It would mostly help that in an hour I get to go to a class I really like, except that we've got just too few classes left 'til the concert, and it makes me nervous. Oh well -- we won't bomb or anything, we're definitely competent, but still. You want to be more than competent, you know? Beautiful. :-)

Not much else to say this early in the morning -- nothing else has happened to me today, and I think I gave you a pretty damn complete journal yesterday. I did write a poem late last night, as part of my struggle to fall asleep, Emotion Triumphs Over Form.

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