It’s an absolutely…

It's an absolutely gorgeous day here today (y'all are going to get tired of hearing me say that, I think. :-). I'm in a very good mood, mostly beause I had a truly exhilarating instrumental ensemble class today. They're something thrilling about playing Menolly said, "it's like flying on a dragon". :-) When it goes well, that is, and even when it doesn't (and it can be very very frustrating at times...when you can't get a part and you know people are biting their tongues or vice versa, for example) it's still a real pleasure. I can't believe they're actually giving me credit (only half a credit, but still) for this class. :-)

I was actually pretty mopey for no good reason last night. Only for about an hour or so, but I was pretty down. Good thing Kevin is extremely patient about listening to me complain. I did have some reason -- I'm sort of stuck, both in my novel and in my Renaissance paper, which is making me feel both frustrated with school and guilty for not getting enough done. I'm also excited about a new project John and Brian and I are discussing -- a collaborative novel, and I really would rather be working on that...:-) Ah well. We'll see if I can get at least some synthesis and revision done on the novel today, though some new material would also be good.

Oh, some of you were asking about whether the book will be available through your local bookstore. It may be, though it's difficult to persuade bookstores to stock material. What'll definitely work is to take them the ISBN# and have them special order it. Or you can call or e-mail my publisher directly. All the info's on the Torn Shapes of Desire page.

Not much else to report today. Still eating leftovers from dinner Wednesday, so nothing exciting there. :-) I think when I decide I can't work anymore I'm going to go rent some movies and veg out tonight. Oh, finished Hyperion. I must kill Kevin for not loaning me the sequel. Argh. Currently re-reading Taran Wanderer, from my beloved Prydain Chronicles. Running a little low on books (well, I have a bunch of serious reading to do, but that's not quite what I want. :-)

2:15 - Okay, I know I said I was going to work on the novel, but I ended up doing the revisions for "Interruptions" instead. Which is fine, 'cause they needed to be done. :-) Now I'm waffling between the novel and revisions on "Endings". Hmmm...

. I'd also kinda like to eat lunch, but I'd have to go home for that, which would mean that I'd basically stop work for the day. I really have to plan ahead better -- I *knew* that I might be working on campus this afternoon. *sigh* Idjit.

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