Hey, everyone. I’m…

Hey, everyone. I'm having a good day so far. Went to a pleasant seminar on Shakespeare's Hamlet (the ghost scene -- my professor is contending that Hamlet's father wasn't in fact murdered :-), and had a good class on Ben Jonson. Am now looking at the schedule for Spring and trying to decide what I want to take. I think a Shakespeare and a writing course, but a) I'm not sure if I want to do fiction or poetry, b) I'm not sure if I want to stick with the same fiction teacher I had this semester or try a different one, if I do fiction, c) I'm not sure what to take for my third course, and d) I'm not sure if I want to go to the hassle of taking a class up at Berkeley. Would be a big nuisance transportation-wise, but might be worth it, since the credits transfer. Might wait 'til next year, but I can only do it next semester and the fall one the year after. Will think about it some more.

I'm also quite enjoying Hyperion, a sf book Kevin loaned me (and yes, Paul, I finally admit you were right), though I do have a big problem with the structural set-up of the book. See, it's organized modelled on Chaucer's Canterbury Tales, a progress of pilgrims who tell their tales to each other during the course of the pilgrimage. Well and good, and I admit that in many places Simmons is brilliant both within the tales and in the framing story. However, the tales are just too darn long to be believable. They're too in-depth to make any structural sense as the sort of thing people would/could tell over a few hours after dinner. If you ignore that little quibble though, the book is delightful. I should be finishing it this afternoon.

It's a lovely day outside, and I must admit that I am very tempted to take the rest of the day off. Just go home and flake out for a while. Maybe watch The Princess Bride again or some such. :-)

HAve a good day, y'all. Get some sunshine. Hug a tree. :-)

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