Hey, everyone! Just had…

Hey, everyone! Just had a really great class -- I'm taking social dance for fun on campus, and the dance teacher had to go out of town this week, so had people substitute. Tuesday two people taught a dance they'd invented, and today I taught them two dances: Gay Gordon (20th century Scottish circle dance) and Hole in the Wall (English country line dance). They really liked Gay Gordon -- had a bit of trouble with Hole in the Wall (partly 'cause there were only 8 of them, and it really works much better with at least 12, preferably at least 16). I had half an hour/dance, and I think I'd need to allow more like 45 minutes for Hole in the Wall. Still, a lot of fun, and I think I did a pretty good job.

Otherwise, things are progressing rapidly. Yesterday was very productive -- as you can see, getting the web pages up was very exciting, as well as announcing the release of my BOOK! :-) Also got my roommate Ellison to meet my friend Cliff who may be moving in with us in a month or two (our other housemate, Gwen, got a job in Stanford, which is a rather nasty commute from Oakland). Cliff and I somehow started singing afterwards and ended up staying up till 12:30 (very late for me :-). I planned to go directly to sleep, but as I lay in bed an idea for a story smashed its way into my head and demanded to be written -- I resisted for fifteen or twenty minutes, but sometime around 1:00 dragged myself out of bed, made some tea, and sat down at the computer. Finished a rough at 2:30 and fell back into bed. Gods, I wish inspiration would wait till morningto strike. It took me another half hour to fall asleep 'cause my brain was still whizzing at full speed -- had some cool ideas for the cover design of my book -- sent 'em off to the publisher today and he likes 'em. :-) Yeah!

I've still got a few quick things to revise before my part of the book making process is basically done (though I'm gonna have a lot of signing to do once it's out. :-) Just cleaning up my introduction and the first story. Hopefully will have it finished by this weekend -- that's the plan, anyway.

Hmmm...that's all for now, I think. Tell all your friends about my book, y'all -- if you can't afford to buy it yourselves, you can always encourage someone else to drop dough. :-) Or maybe your local bookstore or library would like to carry it? Heck, why not your local grammar school...:-)

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