Finally, the page is…

Finally, the page is back up. Haven't quite figured out how to edit things yet. Soon, my pretties. :-)

Am currently way behind on my critiques for class that are due in an hour, so gotta run...

--5:45: Hooray, hoorah! It's up, it's up, and all is well. Are you pleased, my dears? Didja miss me? :-) I guess some of you know what happened and some of you don't, depending on whether you checked my old site or read, so the quick scoop:

1. A couple of weeks ago, the Ireland site went down. Just my pages. Rather distressing. I sent mail to the guy who gave me the free site. Days without a response. Sent mail to techsupport. Still no response. Getting very worried, as I (stupidly) kept no copy of the files with me.

2. I contacted my old site, thinking they'd have backups somewhere. Terrifyingly, they didn't back up that computer, apparently. Meep.

3. My publisher got into the act (yes, I have a publisher! Wanna buy my book, Torn Shapes of Desire?). He sent rather scarier mail (mine was more on the pathetic panicked side) to the Ireland people (tech support, postmaster, etc.). He got a much faster reponse. They said they were having technical problems. They did have the files, though.

4. We slowly badgered them into giving them to us (they wouldn't host the site anymore without money :( and they are now set up on the new site, space donated by the publisher. I'd give you the address, but you've obviously found it already. :-)

And that's it. Caused me an appalling amount of stress and not a few white hairs (well, silver), but all's well that ends well. Somehow I also agreed today to take on designing the web page for the Mills literary magazine, the Walrus. Should be interesting. Can we say 'overcommitted', boys and girls? I thought we could...

Otherwise, I'm settling in to California fine, although I think this weather is unnatural. I haven't seen rain since I arrived (actually, it did rain one morning, but I was in bed and didn't see it; everyone else went around with looks of bewilderment and fear on their faces -- 'It rained! In September! It's not supposed to rain till after December!!!') and it's been impossibly lovely. Cool in the mornings and evenings, warm during the day. I knew there was a reason I hauled up roots and dragged all my stuff across the country...though I kinda miss rain. Kevin tells me (he's from the area) that they don't really get thunderstorms here, which is really too bad, 'cause I adore summer thunderstorms. I guess I'll just have to visit them (I already have to visit New England in the autumn for the leaves and somewhere with snow for Christmas...oh well. :-)

Gosh, listen to me ramble. I missed you guys. :-) Thanks again to all of you who were so nice and sent me files and tried to keep up my spirits during the Great Web Confusion!

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