Hey, you found it –…

Hey, you found it -- congratulations! I made a small mistake while setting this place up -- put everything in an unnecessary html directory. Hopefully the internet-ireland people will be able to fix that for me -- the site dooesn't have telnet capability, and I don't seem able to move files remotely through ftp.

Sorry for briefness lately -- I've been awfully, disgustingly, terribly sick to my stomach for the last two days. I'd give you the details, but you really don't want to hear it. I'm all better now, though -- I just have to go through all the work that piled up (and deal with the disaster area my apartment became -- Kev was wonderfully attentive and sympathetic, but that didn't make it any more likely that he'd do dishes :-).

Hmmm...not much else to say -- you don't generally do much interesting when you're sick. :-)

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