Okay, I admit it, I…

Okay, I admit it, I didn't do the submission guidelines. No excuses -- I was just too lazy. Will try again today. I did manage to download a copy of Paramour's guidelines to use as a...well, as a guideline. :-)

Last night was great fun, English country dancing at SCA. Tonight promises to be a rather different type of dancing -- clubbing downtown. Been a while since I did that sort of thing, and I look rather odd in gothic black, but I'm gonna try...

Not much else to report -- it's too hot today -- gonna go spend some time in the lovely Borders air-conditioning.

Neat postcard from Unst, Scotland. :-)

3:00 -- Bunch of things happened. 1 - Realized I forgot to tell ticket agent that I had to take my cat oon the plane with me when I booked my ticket yesterday. Argh. Called them back; they were able to cancel the ticket at no cost to me (yeah!) and said I should call the airline directly for a new ticket. Haven't been able to get through to TWA or America West (cheapest fares for this) all morning. Argh again.

2 - Got e-mail from my first boyfriend. The one from like seven years ago. Very weird. We parted on strange terms. Wrote him back, but I'm not sure I really want to talk to him again. It took me years to recover from that relationship.

3 - Did the guidelines. Good me. :-)

4 - An Indian magazine, Debonair, wants to interview me. I don't know. I think I'll do it (the publicity is good), but I'm concerned about what sort of slant they want on the article, and on how my family will react. (My parents, you remember, are conservative, and somewhat unhappy about the subjects I choose to write about. It would cause them more stress if Asian friends called up about this ("did you hear what your daughter is writing??!!"), and I've caused them a fair bit of stress already. But I have a feeling I'm mostly agonizing after the fact -- I've made my bed, as they say...it's a little late to back out now. Fluttering guilt pangs, though. Does one ever escape the influence of one's parents?

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