Hey, y’all. Today is…

Hey, y'all. Today is dedicated to getting through a huge pile of back- logged mail...slugging away. :-) I've made some modifications to my story page, and started work on an erotica webzine/resource site. Oh, and my editor loved Metari Nights! Didn't ask for any revisions or anything!

Will write more if I have time, but I really do have a lot to catch up on...hope y'all are doing well...

Oh, and here's a plea forwarded from one of you -- I have a weak spot for cats...:

Posted to: phl.forsale, phl.misc (by David Beroff)

Who would leave a cat on a doorstep?

Well, someone did just that. The cat seems very well cared for, and the vet says she's about 7 or 8 years old. She's in good health (except for a lame paw), is well trained (for indoors) and very affectionate. Whoever left her seems to have cared for her a great deal (based on all the goodies that they left with the cage), and probably had a change in circumstances that forced them to do what they did. Unfortunately, my children have asthma and allergy difficulties, so we really can't take in this animal.

I'd rather see the cat live in a nice home than us have to put her in the SPCA. Please email me via d4b@bis.adp.com

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