For complicated reasons,…

For complicated reasons, this entry may be a little short on apostrophes. Ill come back and fix when the computer is working better.

Well, Kevin's gone home to visit the parents, and the apartment is sadly empty. Good thing I have my cat to keep me company! I dont know if Ive mentioned her before -- shes about two years old now, a slightly plump black cat of dubious ancestry (her mother was a stray). She once had a name -- I thought Chandi would be appropriate -- its another name for Kali, Hindu goddess of death and destruction. Kevin, however, seems incapable of calling cats anything other than Kitten or Kittycat or Cat. She was Kitten for a while, and now shes mostly Kittycat. Perhaps shell eventually graduate to Cat.

Its funny how much harder it is to fall asleep when theres nobody else in the house. I hope the roommate thing works out for the fall -- Im not looking forward to possibly living alone. Maybe it would be good for me, but I still dont wanna do it. :-)

Its really hard typing without apostrophes.

Last night I spent way too much time watching Star Trek. Davids been taping episodes, and he loaned me a few tapes. I think I watched five episodes in a row. Fun, though, especially the one where Riker serves on a Klingon ship.

Oh, yesterday evening was interesting. The Philadelphia Inquirer, the main newspaper here, is doing an article on sex on the net, and interviewed me. Last night a photographer came by to take a picture for the paper -- I expected one or two shots, but s he went through four rolls! They take this sort of thing seriously... If you live in Philly, I think itll be in the June 20th issue. Oh, and if I havent mentioned, Penthouse Forum did an interview with me that just came out. I havent seen it yet, beca use I dont know where to get a copy, but Ill figure it out soon. Anyone want to volunteer to scan it in so I can put a copy up? Ditto Inquirer article? Oh, and my interview with the erotica writers finally came out in Puritan -- Ill put a text copy up here soon. They did a pretty good job with layout, though they missed an attribution on one chunk of story.

Ive been lazy and ordering out since I got back, but tonight Ill be virtuous and eat leftovers and clean the apartment. Thats the plan, anyway.

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