Morning! Well, plans are…

Morning! Well, plans are proceeding apace for the CA trip. I'm kind of nervous, actually. Not sure how easy/difficult it will be to find an apartment. Anyone know what the weather's like in CA? I have to pack tonight...

In other news, still reading The Time Patrol (the second story, "Brave to Be a King" is excellent, though the title doesn't quite work for me). I've got a bunch of small errands and little jobs to take care of before I go. I had hoped to send out the manuscript to all the appropriate publishers/agents -- not sure I'll manage it, but will try. Going to be a long day, and I'd best get back to work.

Can't remember if I said before, but I'll definitely have access while I'm away.

11:45 - I wrote a song a day or two ago. Don't write songs very much -- the melody's appended at the end. I think my songs tend to be a bit too mushy. :-) Thought y'all might enjoy it, though.

Leaf and Tide

There was a time, when I thought those words could shatter sorrow.
Bold hearts could fly, and their bodies share the sky...
There was a time, we were younger than the leaves in springtime.
Those leaves must die, and lie scattered on the grass.

Remember well, the day I swore that I would love forever.
We were so sure that our love could turn the tides...
Remember well, the day I left you standing at the landing.
The tide has turned and the waves are bearing down.

You wrap yourself in a cloak of shadows, lost in sorrow
I reach to you, but the shadows leave me blind
You drown your tears in a bitter glass of seasalt water
Then hurl the glass to shatter 'neath the stars

Oh can't you see we are younger than the leaves in springtime;
We are so small, far smaller than the sea...
But leaves do fly, in a gold and crimson, sunlit autumn;
And we can swim, in the cradle of the waves.

So dry your tears; you have lived too long inside the winter
Spring will return, and the leaves will come again
And in her smile, if you see a shadow of my sorrow
Just close your eyes, and the tide shall turn again.

(It's in the key of D, so all the c's and f's are sharp).

ddcd defedcdcba
ddcd defefge
ddcd defedcdcba
ddcd defefge

(Chorus bit...)
aaba gfgfed fedc
aaba gfgfedf
aaba gfgfedfedc
aaba gfgfedd

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