Hey, everyone! I hope…

Hey, everyone! I hope all of you in the U.S. had a good holiday (and the rest of you had a good weekend)! After being such a good, productive girl on Sunday I proceeded to veg out for the rest of the holiday. :-) Watched some good Star Trek, some figure skating (I love watching figure skaters, though the judging in this competition was appallingly bad), did some reading (Kevin loaned me his Poul Anderson Time Patrol anthology, which I just started, also reread Le Guin's Left Hand of Darkness (brilliant, of course) and finished Girls Just Want To: Representations of Women's Sexuality which had some excellent material -- art and comics and stories).

Am now busy writing new letters and a sex news column for a web site, and trying to get ready for the trip to CA. Can't quite believe I'm going in two days -- it snuck up on me! :-)

Added a new link to my stories page -- some funny Star Trek erotica, and a new award -- my "Letter to a Suicide" got a 'most bizarre' award -- don't ask me why. :-)

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