Hey, everyone. Sorry for…

Hey, everyone. Sorry for the missed entry Friday -- crazy day at work with end of the month fiscal stuff. So I did a final count on the March diary - 1992 entries for March, averaging approximately 65/day. Not bad. Hope you all feel like you're getting your money's (well, time's) worth.

Okay, to recap the last 3 days: Friday was John's (another mathematician friend) birthday, and we had a party for him at my place. Cake, balloons, lots of food (too much, actually -- we've been eating leftovers all weekend), the whole bit. Much fun.

Saturday and Sunday were generally lazy days -- cleaning the apartment, laundry, etc -- general weekend things. Reread The Secret Garden, a children's book - made me want to garden! Played hours and hours of Might and Magic. Hey, maybe I'll post the puzzles on here and ask you guys for help. Some of the riddles are driving me crazy. What goes up and down but never moves? (not the sun) Several along those lines. Kevin spilled pickle juice on the keyboard, and then when he tried to clean it out, it stopped working (we're hoping it's just drying out still). Had to borrow Dave's keyboard. Very sad. Think good thoughts at my keyboard.

While you're thinking good thoughts, send some prayers Martha's way. I don't know if you remember her -- she's a coworker of mine? Her daughter died about a month ago? Well, her son died in a fire this weekend. If I weren't so stunned, I think I'd be really angry. Most of us are just bewildered, and if I believed in God, I'd be doing some serious questioning right now. This isn't even close to fair. She's a Catholic, I think. I hope her faith is of some comfort to her.

I really wish that last paragraph had been an April fool.

1:15 - Added a new writing link and a bunch of awards to my home page.

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