Hey everyone. It’s…

Hey everyone. It's David's birthday today - if you know him (unlikely :-) say 'Happy Birthday!' Today is also a red-letter-day because I wrote a story today (which I haven't done in a while). I even submitted it to Black October Magazine...it's a mild horror piece, a vampire story that I'll also be sending to Cecelia Tan at Circlet Press (she inspired it with her guidelines for Cherished Blood (erotic vampire stories...). Now I'm thinking about what I could do for her Sex Crimes anthology.

Other than that, the weather is hideous (snow and hail), California is sounding very good right now, and I'm feeling somewhat sick again. Don't know if this is the medication or just a virus, but I'm getting really tired of being sick. Weather is horrible enough that I think I'm going to skip dance class and just go rest tonight.

I want spring.

Y'know, I can't put the new story up here, or I lose the ability to sell First North American Serial Rights -- however, I could put up a paragraph or two if any of you are interested in seeing what my sf/f/h writing is like. Drop me a note if so. I don't want to frustrate anyone...

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