Hey, everyone. Not…

Hey, everyone. Not feeling too well today -- guess I had too much fun this weekend. So shortish entry. Just finished Card's Red Prophet, which I enjoyed more than expected. His Ender's Game and Speaker for the Dead are absolutely brilliant, but the first time I tried the Alvin Maker series I wasn't impressed. But Kevin wanted to read them, and so when I saw a used copy of the first book I picked it up, and somehow I got hooked. Guess sometimes you just have to find the right time or state of mind to read something. Also recently read The Seven Percent Solution, a Sherlock Holmes mystery (not actually written by Arthur Conan Doyle) which is great fun -- the premise is that Holmes becomes seriously addicted to cocaine and goes to Freud for help...many plot twists and a pleasure for any Holmes fan.

Not much else to say -- leftovers for dinner, then went over to David's. My show was not on again! but they claim it'll be back next week. It had better be. I picked up a book on origami at Epcot and am having great fun with it, though I am still clearly a clumsy beginner. Good for my patience, I think.

David gave me an article to read from the New Yorker on a virtual bishop -- very funny article in a lovely laid-back style (I really enjoyed the writing), and the story is great -- details can be found at his web site: the virtual bishopric of Partenia. A must for any on-line Catholics.

These diary pages are now averaging 60 hits/day -- wonder why it's gone up. Also exciting -- I just noticed that I've passed the quarter-million hit mark on these pages (since the counter went up). Quite a thrill.

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