Heya. Spent the morning…

Heya. Spent the morning catching up on old mail (love these office jobs) and wandering through the web. Found some fun stuff at Walter's Page, including a very cool alternative CV and some erotica. Also was a good girl and had my annual physical. Except for the thyroid stuff, I'm healthy as a horse. :-)

The thyroid stuff itself is getting more interesting. Some thyroid antibodies came back from the lab, and it looks like I may have Hashimoto's thyroiditis. That sounds worse than it is -- very few thyroid diseases are at all serious (thyroid cancer is an exception), and most are fairly easily treatable, including mine. I'll probably be starting Synthroid (artificial thyroid replacement) next week.

Was also good and deposited my paycheck (I'm finally getting to the point where I may actually be able to save some money, rather than living on the brink of bankruptcy) and picked up a FAFSA (financial aid form) for grad schools. Spent a while downloading the net version only to discover that it requires a modem (I connect from work over a LAN network, so no good) and Windows (home is Kevin's Mac), so I'm reduced to the paper version. Ah well. Can't fill it out till I do my taxes, though, and can't do taxes until I pick up a 1040C (I used to fill out the EZ, but now that I'm selling stories, I get to deduct expenses -- what fun :-) and file my 1995 taxes. Here's hoping they owe me money (not bloody likely) rather than the other way around. This coming year will be even worse -- I'll have to start filing quarterly estimated taxes. Ick. I don't want to think about it.

The other exciting thing today is that I'm trying out a new gym. Put on a few pounds this winter (I usually seem to), and it's now spring and time to get back into shape (my endurance especially is hideous right now). The 12th Street Gym in Philly is certainly pretty enough, and their Tai Chi classes, Cardio Street Funk and swimming pool (only 1/2 lap) all appeal to me, and I'll be trying them on a guest pass today. On the down side, it's highly embarrassing going to a gym in skimpy workout clothing when you know you're totally out of shape and there are all these gorgeous bods around, especially a chic downtown gym like this one. I'd almost rather go to a YWCA, despite the moldy air that tends to hang around them, but my job gets me a discount here that's really too good to waste. So I'm nerving myself up and going, and if I don't post something here tomorrow saying that I went, you have full permission (and are encouraged) to laugh at me. Healthy diet should also start soon -- I eat too much cheese and oily stuff, I think. How does one give up cheese, though???

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