Well, opened the morning…

Well, opened the morning with a bit of a shock -- e-mail from my editor at Puritan asking me to please take down the copy of "Caught Between Two Women" since the magazine wasn't even on the streets yet. Totally reasonable request on his part, and I really don't know quite what I was thinking putting it up. So if you caught it, good for you -- if not, it'll be back up in May sometime (after the *next* issue is safely out). And the erotica writers interview will be up in June-July, assuming this page is still going then. I messed up once, but hopefully not again.

Other than that, things are good. He's interested in another novella, and I have some ideas that might fly, and he could also use some letters... those are always fun to write. :-)

Sorry about the hiatus, but not only have I been sick, but the system has been doing really weird things, making it a real pain to try to type anything. Seems all fixed now, and I feel fine! :-)

On the plus side, I got a lot of reading done -- the latest issue of Fantasy and SF, most of Nancy Kress's new novel, Beggars and Choosers (fabulous near future exploration of nanotech and sociology and politics), Sayers Hangman's Holiday (I'd read all the Lord Peter stories in the anthology, but the Montague Egg (travelling wine and spirits salesman) stories were new and delightful), and probably a couple more that I'm not remembering right now. Oh, and Larry Niven's The Magic Goes Away, a surprisingly good (considering its minimal length and plenitude of illustrations) little fantasy novel. Apparently a best- seller in its time. Weird to think of Niven writing fantasy.

Also managed to drag myself to the folk sing Saturday night, which was fabulous as always. Learned some new songs, managed to talk Amy into loaning me some music, etc... Stan Rogers' from Freshwater is a delight, with some obscure but lovely songs.

My concentration this week will probably be on grad schools for fall -- I'm going to be applying to a bunch, some with deadlines of March 1, so I'm planning to be rather frantic. Anyone with any information on the following schools (especially on writing programs *at* the schools) -- I'd be very interested, and happy to post such information somewhere on these pages. If you're wondering why I picked these schools -- basically by region (where I'm likely to be come fall) and which deadlines I hadn't already missed.

Boston University, Emerson, CSU Sacramento, Mills College (Oakland), New College (San Fran), St. Mary's, University of San Fran, Beaver (Philly), Columbia College (Chicago), De Paul University, Northeastern, Purdue (Indiana), and University of Illinois at Chicago.

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