Good morning, my dears….

Good morning, my dears. I know the entries have been brief lately, but I've been working really hard, and things have been a little crazy. On the plus side, I've written a few more stories (still haven't finished Metari Nights), one of which, "Goddess Blessing", has been accepted for publication in an anthology, Floating Worlds, which is a collection of Asian fantasy (fantasy in the sf/f sense). I'm not sure when publication is, but once it's out, I'll stick a copy up here somewhere. I'm more than usually excited about this one, 'cause the editor solicited me, needing a specific story ASAP, and I managed to write it over the weekend, and he liked it and bought it, which all made me feel quite the professional. :-)

Other than that, hmmm...what else is going on in my life? Well, the erotica list is still going fairly smoothly, with perhaps a little more chatting than is strictly necessary, but some good material making the rounds nonetheless. On my workshop list, it looks like various exercises in character are going to come together into a story. Hey, would you guys be interested in seeing them? I could post them here, and you could watch the story evolve with me. Might be interesting. On the general writing list, I'm afraid I've gotten into an argument about whether it's necessary/polite to respond to crits with little thank-you's. I find them basically content-free and a waste of time that would better spent critting. Almost everyone else disagrees with me.

In my other electronic life, I've been having way too much fun building a Book Museum on Holomuck. What, you may ask, is a book museum? Well, in my version, each room is dedicated to an author, and is set as a scene of one of their books/worlds. Various objects in the rooms can be touched, which will take you to other rooms in the museum. (For example, if you decide to go watch Reepicheep 'fence' in the Narnia room, you become entranced by the flickering blades, and the next thing you know, you've fallen into the middle of a swordfight with the Three Musketeers in the Dumas room.) Great fun and silliness, and I'm encouraging other people to come and build rooms, so it doesn't become a Museum of Books Mary Anne Reads. :-)

I've also been working on a web page for my boss. This link won't exist for very long, as we're working on finding her a permanent home, but you're welcome to take a look and offer comments.

In my life outside the net (what, there's life outside the net??), I made chicken and potato curry yesterday (what, again? yes, again), got into a fight with my realtor (I even lost my temper, and I never never lose my temper with strangers), the slumlord, took out the trash (it was Wednesday, after all), watched intermitten 90210 while cooking (there was a time, about 5 years ago, when Paul (an ex) and I were addicted to that show. Once a week after work in that awful summer (I had an 1 1/2 hour commute each way -- yick -- really shortened the days) we'd settle down and watch 90210 together. Silly, huh? Oh well. It still reminds me of him.

I also read Amy Tan's The Hundred Secret Senses, which is a delightful and wonderful and inspiring book, and I encourage you all to read it. I loved her first book, enjoyed her second and am very happy with this third one. Took a break from depressing Prozac Nation, also read a little Niven book I enjoyed (forget the name, sorry), despite the fact that you end up disliking the protagonist for most of the book, and am currently rereading The Dispossessed, by Le Guin, which is brilliant. David's reading her The Left Hand of Darkness now, and when he finishes, I think I'll ask to trade. I need to reread that too.

Oof, I should get back to work. (Quiet this morning 'cause two patients cancelled). Have a good day, everyone!

Sorry for the little…

Sorry for the little mess yesterday -- hardware problems, but should be all fixed now. I'll chat with y'all more later -- busy right now reworking and prettying up my home page.

2:00 - Okay, just finished an appalling amount of silliness -- moved all my pictures to a separate directory and went back and changed all the links appropriately. (If anyone feels like going through and seeing if I missed anything, would be appreciated). Don't ask me why. Compulsiveness.

2:45 - Finish A Library of My Graphics.

Good morning, dears….

Good morning, dears. Sorry no entry yesterday -- I spent most the day cleaning and cooking (had friends for dinner last night) and so didn't log on much. The day went pleasantly, though I was fairly tired at the end of it. Made more injera and some Sri Lankan curries to go with it. The lemon/ chicken/coconut milk dish came out especially well -- the recipe is in the Complete Asian Cookbook, which I highly recommend to anyone interested in Asian food. (covers Sri Lanka to Japan to Singapore to...)

It's a beautiful day today, though it'll soon be too hot -- up into the 90's, from what I hear. The birds are chirping furiously outside. Karina gave Kev a bird feeder for Christmas, and I finally got it up a couple of days ago. Daily battles are being fought by the birds -- there are several trees outside, and at least fifty birds seem to live there -- cardinals, definitely, but I don't know what any of the others are. Lots of little brown ones -- Kevin says two we saw yesterday were doves, some birds with white necks and chests, but with black bits and mostly brown wings...I should get a book.

Am currently reading Prozac Nation. I'm not overly impressed with the writing style, but it's fascinating hearing about what it's like being severely depressed. I don't really get depressed like that -- stressed or worried or upset or sad, but usually for some specific reason -- not just depressed. I used to have a roommate who was manic-depressive, and some of the things she did to herself were really scary. I hate thinking about how many people are going around feeling like that all the time -- it must be terrible. I think I'd rather be really sad than really depressed -- at least I know I'm feeling something.

But that's a dreary topic for what's really a rather lovely day. I'm doing laundry now, (I actually kind of like doing laundry, 'cause I can feel productive while the machines do most of the work. :-) (Yes, I'm reading a book, but I'm also doing laundry!)) and when I finish, the plan is to go into my nice air-conditioned office and work on Metari Nights. If I'm really lucky, I'll finish the darn thing (though more likely, I'll just get the structural revisions done, and lucky to do that). Still, most of my other projects are going well, so I can't complain. My only concern is that I still seem to be tired all the time, despite the Synthroid. Got to do some more blood tests and see if they need to up my dose.

Oh, put some new stuff on the home page. Instructions for creating a web page. Lots of people ask me about it -- maybe this will help. It's all really pretty easy once you find a site.

Well, I'm going to go check my mail again (compulsive, I know. I alphabetized all Kevin's CD's the other day), and then go check the laundry. Have a great day, everyone! I'll talk to you tomorrow.

Yet another rushed note…

Yet another rushed note -- sorry sorry! Busy day at work, and I wrote a new story today, which will hopefully be in Floating Worlds, and anthology by Masquerade. I'm not sure if I like it, honestly speaking -- it's technically competent -- but I don't know if it really has heart...

I'm planning to come in and work on the weekend, so I hope to give you a better entry then. Happy Friday, everyone!

Sorry guys, but this is…

Sorry guys, but this is going to be quick. Busy day, and I spent way too much time on Holomuck (had a great time building a Book Museum, though). On the plus side, I did get that letter written yesterday. On the minus side, talked to Jeff (editor at Puritan) and he wants a rough of Metari Nights by Monday if I can manage it, and a final by mid-June. Considering I'm going to be out of town for ten of the days between now and then, that'll involve some scrambling. Life is otherwise good -- got a delicious ice cream sundae for 50 cents today (promotion at the hospital where I work), and plan to be lazy and relaxed tonight (skipping dance class 'cause the weather is grody). I started reading Prozac Nation last night, and I'll probably finish it tonight.

Good morning! Another…

Good morning! Another beautiful day, though it's clearly going to be warmer than yesterday. No complaints from me -- I got to wear the cute little summer dress I bought when I went shopping with Kirsten. :-)

Made more Ethiopian food last night -- I could easily get addicted to this stuff. Anyone know a good recipe for one of their spicy lentil dishes? (I admit, I can't stand lentils, but Kev likes 'em, and I'm trying to learn, since they're so good for you.) I made the vegetable stew again, but added the cabbage this time (skipped it the first time through). Don't know that it really adds anything. I think in the future, more green peppers, carrots and tomatoes, no cabbage. We'll see, though. I made a Sri Lankan chicken curry with it, which worked fine -- it's not so dissimilar from their Doro Wat. Somewhat different spices. And I used coconut milk -- so bad for you with its high fat content, but a real pleasure in curry. Why are the good things so often bad for you?? (Of course, there are plenty that aren't -- sunsets, butterflies, fresh fruit, safe sex...:-)

I did manage to get through about 40 mail messages yesterday that I'd had saved for days, so achieved one of my goals. Stared at Metari Nights a bit but didn't manage to revise anything, nor did I write the letter. I'm going to try to do one of those today. If I don't tell you I did tomorrow, yell at me.

Dinner at David's tonight. :-) I brought in leftover injera and curry for lunch, so I think I'll be glad of a change for dinner.

Hey, everyone! Brilliant…

Hey, everyone! Brilliant morning so far -- it's clear and cool and beautiful outside again, a perfect day for biking. My only complaint is that I had to come inside to the office instead of staying out in the sun. I forgot my glasses today (I wear contacts off and on, but my eyes have been bothering me a bit lately), so I have to sit about 1/2 a foot from the screen and squint. Very silly-looking. I tried to call Kev to see if he could swing by with my glasses, but he's either still asleep or gone already. Oh well.

I'm feeling slightly less panicked after getting so much work done yesterday, (though I still have piles of mail to go through). I've been ignoring newsgroups almost entirely, which is weird. I'd gotten so used to my daily fix of news...

Goal for today is to either a) get through a lot of mail, or b) revise and write a chunk more of "Metari Nights", the novella I'm doing for Puritan. It's not due till June, but I wouldn't object to getting the check earlier. :-). Also, I still owe that web site I'm writing letters for a letter, and I really should write it. I'm having a little trouble with it, 'cause he wants something fairly specific -- an inviting, teasing letter that's still R-rated, 'cause it'll be the intro to the section. We'll see what I can do. He thought my first attempt at it was too literary...

Hey, everyone. Managing…

Hey, everyone. Managing to squish this in at the end of a busy (but productive day). Had a great weekend hanging with Kirsten and relaxing and doing girl stuff...didn't get quite enough sleep but I'm going to try to make that up tonight.

Today I managed to finish revisions on a couple of stories, organize the manuscript (I had a really hard time deciding what order things should go in, and I'm afraid the final result is somewhat random, but it's done), sent the remaining unrevised stories to my writers group for final critique, and booked my plane tickets for the CA apartment-hunting trip. I'll be staying with friends, May 30 - June 9, but if any of you want to get together for lunch sometime, and will be in either SF, Oakland or Berkeley, drop me a line.

Got to get back to work -- have a great day, people!

Saw a funny quote in…

Saw a funny quote in John's .sig today:
"I believe that nothing completely satisfies an imaginative writer but copious and continuous draughts of unmitigated praise, always provided it is accompanied by a large and increasing sale of his works."
- Frederick Locker-Lampson, _My_Confidences_

Cute, huh? I hope y'all are having a good day. I'm very happy, 'cause Kirsten got in last night. Going to bike home at lunch today and have lunch with her, I think. Then back to work, dinner with her and David tonight, and then shopping tomorow! We may even drag Kev along for part of it. :-)

Life is generally good. It looks like they may have found a replacement for me at my day job (they started looking when I got into Mills), so in a couple of weeks I may be done here. I'll start temping then, I think. It looks like I'll be out of town in SF apartment-hunting the first week in June, so no diaries for about 10 days around then. Brace yourselves now, my little addicts. :-)

Still eating that leftover curry and stew with fresh batches of injera -- the recipe makes a lot! It'll be lasting me a while, I think. Anyone, got stacks of mail to get through (I've been so busy lately that I've only been answering the quick or urgent stuff, and flagging the rest), so I'd best get going. If I don't write again, have a lovely weekend!