Facebook is kind of…

Facebook is kind of amazing -- I'm quiet in part this week because I got in touch with a grammar school friend this summer, and he's visiting Chicago now. Dan went to the Art Institute yesterday (while I had a couple of campus meetings and printed my syllabi for next week, exciting!), and then I met him to do an architectural boat tour (fun, as always, though yesterday was a bit too hot for it). Dinner with Dan and the family at Maya del Sol (oh, I do love their mangaso margaritas: mango, chili, salt, and lime + rum, I think) made for a fun if somewhat exhausting day. Tourism is hard work!

This morning quiet working (I've talked him into the reading the chapter of the memoir that he's in, ha ha!), but I'll take a break to have lunch with him. And then Dan goes off to a Cubs game, and I go back to work. Will cook Sri Lankan food for dinner tonight; we'll see what he thinks of it!

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