Wow, the day yesterday…

Wow, the day yesterday was completely lost to a) socializing and b) tiredness. It feels like every time I manage to focus and really push through and get a ton done (Thursday), I pay for it with a day when my will and body just shut down (Friday). We had a fun visit with my sister and then my sister's friend -- mimosas and muffins here in the morning (actually Anand might have been the only one eating my cherry mini-muffins, but he ate enough for everyone else combined), lunch in Forest Park at Francesca's (mmm...spicy mussels) with Brown Cow ice cream for dessert next door, finishing with some Legos in the playroom afterwards while the grown-ups digested.

All good, but all the socializing was followed (starting at 4) by the kids watching movies and me reading Dorothy Sayers for the rest of the day. Which is not a bad way to spend a day, at all, but was not quite what I had in mind. I was just exhausted, though, shaky and muscle-tired. It may be all the book boxes I hauled up on Thursday, and/or partly the rearranging of my Synthroid dosage that's going on right now; I pick up a new prescription today (if I can actually make it to the store); hopefully that one will provide for more stable energy levels. Because I really do want to get the house and yard in order this weekend. I am SO CLOSE, I can taste it. It tastes like basement book box dust. Yum.


  • get Kavi's school supplies -- DONE

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  1. When you do figure out the anaglypta stuff, I’d love a post on that. I doubt we’ll get to ours for another few years, but it’s always in the back of my mind.

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