A Valentine for my Country, in the Time of Trump

America is having a conversation
where fear, one of the most
powerful and primal of forces,
is being pitted daily against
love. It is hard when you
are afraid for your family, to
reach out in love to others.

When my neighbors chose
to hold the doors of our village
open, welcoming the foreigner
despite threats of losing funds
that might impact their families,
they chose love.

When Iowa firemen
and policemen stood up,
understanding ‘right to work’
means ‘right to be fired’ —
refusing to be divided
from other workers in
‘less essential’ jobs,
they chose love.

When millions of women
and not a few men
turned out in the streets
got on buses and planes
leaving families and spending
hard-earned money,
they chose love.

When Americans donated
in unprecedented numbers
to the ACLU, the SPLC,
to Planned Parenthood,
and all the other orgs who daily
fight for our freedoms,
they chose love.

This Valentine’ Day
I am trying to have faith
that in the coming days
and months and especially
next election day,
America everywhere
will choose love.

M.A. Mohanraj

(Image by Dima Ali)

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