Morning, everyone. I…

Morning, everyone. I just walked in to work, reading issue #2 of Century Magazine as I go. I haven't read this magazine before, but so far I'm very impressed. Every story I've read so far (3) has blown me away -- it's difficult deciding which one I like best, though I think "La Charmante" by Felicity Savage (her real name) wins by an edge. Definitely a magazine worth taking a look at, though the consistently high quality (and supposedly very slow response time) makes me despair of selling them one of my own stories. Oh well -- wish me luck!

Not much else exciting to report on this end. Waiting to see how the job situation goes. Got some stories to submit. Mailed out the Forum submission. Spent yesterday evening relaxing at David's. All is generally well, and I'm starting to itch to write...

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