Got a neat piece of mail…

Got a neat piece of mail this morning:
"It is great to see the realms of intrinsic human cultural awareness being tenuously prodded by pioneers such as yourself." Is that what I'm doing?

Well, whether it is or not, events are proceeding apace. Yesterday I withdrew several submissions which had been out for several months, (to Crank!, Century, Dragon Magazine, Worlds of Fantasy and Horror (they're having real problems, from what I hear), and Zero Gravity Freefall) which will hopefully let me sell those stories to other markets. I had some snail-mail problems for a while, so it's possible that their rejections (or acceptances, I suppose) simply didn't reach me, so I won't give up on the markets quite yet. Got "The Devouring Night" ready and sent it off to Science Fiction Age (okay, will send it as soon as I get more stamps). So all's well there.

Rheal has also kindly agreed to help me start up the erotica/porn discussion list for writers (Rheal runs the Writer's Workshop, a fabulous place for getting critique and market information, divided into various subgenres - send mail to with the message 'subscribe writing' in the body of your text to join), so we're getting started on that, which is exciting.

Watched my show last night (Party of Five :-) so yesterday evening was pleasant. I'm coming down with a nasty cold, though (was up coughing much of the night), so I may leave work early today. Finished that issue of Century as well last night -- not all the stories were quite as good as the first three, but the writing level was still surprisingly high.

Payday! (which will mostly dissolve into bills soon, but oh well...)

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