Complete List of Poetry 1996

  1. An Agnostic’s Easter Morning
  2. Blue Spring Thinking
  3. Brief Reunion
  4. The Case Against Entropy
  5. Child Seen Through a Glass, Darkly
  6. *Cobalt Blue
  7. Delayed Warmth, Much Wished For
  8. Dissolving Castles (a villanelle)
  9. Dogwood Drift
  10. Dropping Dishes
  11. Emotion Triumphs Over Form
  12. Final Farewell
  13. Five Years Into It, She Considers
  14. Fractured Haiku
  15. I have not said enough fond goodbyes
  16. Leaf and Tide
  17. love once rising bright
  18. The Lover Speaks, Again (sonnet)
  19. Memory Tears Upon Close Examination
  20. *My Dad is Scared of Dragons (kids’)
  21. My Friends Call Me a Fool
  22. No Solace, Even in Words
  23. One Week After Departure
  24. Pity the Children
  25. Reassurance (sonnet)
  26. Snake Swallowing Its Tail
  27. Sri Lanka, Summer of ’96
  28. Sweet Innocent Goes Hungry Again
  29. The Lover Speaks, Again
  30. The Taste of Him
  31. Tentative Conclusion: Love is More Powerful
    than Poetry
  32. Unabashed Paean
  33. Untitled
  34. *You’ll Understand When You’re Older, Dear
  35. You’ll Understand…(Finnish translation)

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