Remember that plant ID apps sometimes get it wrong.

Remember that plant ID apps sometimes get it wrong — my phone thinks that first pic is lily-of-the-valley, but it is very wrong — that’s puschkinia (aka striped squill), a spring ephemeral. Lily-of-the-valley typically blooms around Mother’s Day for us; I expect it’ll be earlier this year, but not for another month still. Easy to tell the difference because puschkinia doesn’t have that heavenly scent. It is very cute, though, and we love it anyway.

Also pictured, hellebores for pressing, and the first blooming of the pulmonaria; I think that’s typically the second perennial to bloom in my garden. Great groundcover to bring some color to shady spots. Also comes in a lovely pink / blue (both colors on the same plant, fun). With a sea of blue scilla beyond.

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